Jesus birthed the New Testament Church for the purpose of growing devoted disciples who make disciples. This is why Church is such an integral part of the Christian life. In Church, we learn God’s Word, experience His presence, build bonds with fellow believers, use our gifts to bless others, impact our community and reach those who are far from God.

The Christian Life cannot properly function without a healthy Church Life. Church Life is about doing life together. As a Church Family, we are not a collection of people who are on individual journeys. We are a Family of Faith who are on the Journey of Faith together.

For this reason, we desire to conduct Worship Experiences that foster spiritual growth and build the faith of everyone who attends no matter their background or stage of life. We are intentional about the songs we sing, the messages we preach and the impact we’re making on the next generation.


We refer to our Sunday Worship Service as the “Surge Experience.” Our Worship Experiences are held each Sunday at 10am. The Surge Experience incorporates Passionate Worship, Powerful Preaching with practical application and an Interactive Kids Ministry. These Experiences are designed to strengthen believers, impact our children and bring the unchurched into the life of the Church.


We refer to our Midweek Services as “Surge Midweek.” Our Midweek Services are held each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. Surge Midweek provides members of our Church with the opportunity to connect on a more personal level through Bible Studies, Men’s and Women’s meetings, Youth Services and Kids Classes. We encourage all of our members to take advantage of the ministry and the personal relationships that can be forged in our Midweek Services.


1st Wednesday

Adults gather in Main Auditorium for Worship
and Ministry
Surge Kids Class and Surge Youth Service

2nd & 3rd Wednesdays

Adult Bible Study
Surge Kids Class and Surge Youth Service

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm

Intercessory Prayer

4th Wednesday

Men and Women’s Classes
Surge Kids Class and Surge Youth Service